01. My aunt [pinched] me on the cheek, and then gave me a big kiss.
02. My son [pinched] his finger in the gate, and had to get a couple of stitches.
03. A [pinch] of salt in a pot of water will make it boil more quickly.
04. The little girl [pinched] her baby brother's arm so hard that he began to cry.
05. I [pinched] myself under the chin when I was fastening my bicycle helmet, and it really hurt.
06. Thoren almost broke his finger when he [pinched] it in the door.
07. Carl Jung once noted that the shoe that fits one person [pinches] another because there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.
08. The old woman's face looked [pinched] with anger and fear.
09. My swimming goggles are too small and they [pinch] my nose.
10. She put a [pinch] of hot pepper in the soup to add flavor.
11. Nigel [pinched] £10 from his mum's handbag so we could buy ourselves a couple of pints.
12. She [pinched] a handful of sweets at the shop while her mother wasn't looking.
13. The new secretary says that Malcolm actually [pinched] her bum as she was walking by his desk.
14. He's a real crook and he's not shy about [pinching] anything he takes a fancy to when he's in a shop.
15. Little Vlado was quite jealous of his new sister at first, and often [pinched] her until she cried when their mother was out of the room.
16. Lobsters are shy creatures, but can give a nasty [pinch] with their big front claws.
17. A French proverb notes that there's a [pinch] of the madman in every great man.
18. An Irish proverb remarks that the wearer best knows where the shoe [pinches].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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